Cinematography---PreviewHey Y’all!  It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this site, but for good reason.  Since August, I’ve

a) moved to Brooklyn

b) traveled around South America for three months

c) come back to Brooklyn, and found myself a job, and

d) had some thing published, along with some other things I can’t quite talk about yet.

So yes, lots of things!  So here’s a quick little rundown of some new places that you can find my work:


Shitty Good Magazine – An online art journal run by Justin Jankus, a good friend and an excellent photographer.  I have a short comic called “Home for Dinner” in the second issue!  There are a ton of amazing artists who have contributed work, and it’s well worth a look.

The Greatest of All Time Comics Anthology – An anthology published by the fine folks at Ninth Art Press.  Another short comic of mine, called “The Greatest Beer of All Time,” was accepted and published in this collection, which is handsomely printed, and quite fun.  You can buy it directly through their site for $12, or if you would like a personalized copy for $20, email me!

Arches National Park EP, Names – I contributed a short comic to the debut EP of Names, a music project by Brian Barth.  It’s an excellent set of songs, and it’s a pay-what-you-want kind of deal.  You can download the songs for however much you like here, and each download comes with a digital copy of a four-page comic by yours truly!


Additionally, I’ve revamped my store with some fancy new items.  I’m offering commissioned work through there, both big ‘uns and smaller ones, all shapes and sizes!  I’ve also included a new minicomic collecting my New Orleans Travelogues, “Seeing Sarah” and “You Promised No One Would Go In There.”

That’s it, for now!  I’ve put some new pieces that I am particularly proud of in my portfolio, and am always updating my Tumblr sketchbook with new work, if you care to look (including a big piece that the drawing above is from).  In fact, I just put some new things up there today!  Go on, take a look!