Moonrise Kingdom


A short review of Wes Anderson’s film.


SEEING SARAH/You Promised No One Would Go In There


“Seeing Sarah” is a travelogue and journal of a 72-hour trip to that I took to New Orleans in December 2011.  It was written as a companion piece to “You Promised No One Would Go In There,” showing the rest of the eventful three days I spent in the Big Easy.  A reflection on old friends, dear memories, cherished spaces, and maybe even growing up a little bit.  Sentimentality warning.


“You Promised No One Would Go In There” is the counterpart to this comic, a response/review of “Sarah,” by Skin Horse Theater in New Orleans.  Both are available together in the store.


Touch Everything, Follow Everyone


A hybrid review/response comic to the Punchdrunk Theatre Company’s New York production of “Sleep No More.”




Raven is a retelling of a Native American folktale about how the sun was brought into the world.  It was my first big comic, and my longest to date.  So, that’s something!



2009 – 2010

Minicomic, 35 Pages.

Two boys play a bit rough with a frog, and learn the consequences of being mean to animals.



Health Food


A cautionary tale – OR – when food bites back!